Thursday, 1 December 2011

Are you embarrassed of your Ipod?

Emeli Sandé Acoustic Version of Daddy

I just love this song by Emeli Sandé I've listened to what she has on you tube and I can't wait for her to realease her album it's a must have purchase.
I know what I like but I'm not the best educated when it comes to music or films but this week I have been introduced to alot of new genres of music I wouldn't generally listen to. It's always nice to get an insight into other people music, as I'm not sure about you but I always feel a little cringy letting friends listen to my Ipod. Maybe as it's invasion to your private music tastes all those songs you don't want to admit to liking or those songs that you have been brought up on so there drummed into your genes.
One of my friends sent me this and it's not something I would usually listen to but I just think this song is beautiful.

Ryan Adams w. Laura Marling - Oh my sweet Carolina 

I'm loving the acoustics right now ....