One lady's junk is another lady's treasure!

Tiffany's desire to create something unique was realized during a seminal trip to Brazil. The culture and freedom of South America inspired an amazing idea: to produce handmade jewellery with story, heart and conscience that beautifully balances an old vintage soul with a contemporary style.

Seeking excitement and with no sense of fear she faced her new challenge head on.

Saving face was born!

Although many of the materials are reclaimed, Saving Face never compromises or underestimates the importance of quality design. All of her pieces are constructed by hand in her Yorkshire-based studio using ‘pre-loved’ jewellery - jewellery that somebody once loved, then discarded. A vintage watch that no longer ticks can be brought to
life again when incorporated with other treasures.“Without looking to current trends each one- off modern heirloom, is a
statement piece with individuality often more like a garment than accessory” said Tiffany.

The ethos appears to be working; since its inception in 2009, Saving Face has already receiving an overwhelming response and established loyal, worldwide fan-base.

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