Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Natural Talent


I've just recently started uploading pieces back on etsy, I say back because the first time I tried to sell on there nothing moved but this time I'm determined to make my shop work, after reading books and doing my research I can see that last time was very heart hearted, as with anything the more you put in the more you get out.
One of the things you have to do is join circles, like people and make contact, so tonight I've done my first treasury which I found a fab handbag plus other lovely things, but it was the handbag I fell in love with.

While my search on etsy I came across this amazing lady, and she is truely amazing. Caley Johnson is self taught and makes every piece head piece by hand. I just need to show you as her work speaks for itself...

 These are just a few of her incredible designs

Caley draws inspiration for her collections from nature, art, history, burning man and the lovely people that surround her everyday. She treasures how beautiful every woman is in her own distinct way. Each is so different, so complex and so rich in color and depth. Her headpieces reflect that beauty. No two are exactly alike. Each one evokes a different feeling, vibe or emotion. There is nothing more magical than watching a woman place that perfect headpiece on her head and seeing her face light up! She feels sexy...she feels beautiful...she feels like a woman!"

Check her out for yourself

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