Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Art Mad.....Literally...

Our studio is a bit like home we spend so much time here so we thought it would be nice to put up some images of our next door neighbors Brett and Andy. We're at 206 and they're at 207 and they're Art Mad. This fella's Brett. To be honest we were both a little bit scared of him when we first moved into the mill. We'd usually bump into him on a dark corridoor late at night. He's got a tattoo between his eyes that gives him a bit of a sinister look, he wouldn't mind me saying that. Not sure when we got talking but we did and we haven't stopped since. He's an absolute breath of fresh air and he never stops laughing. He'd like some yellow Converse like mine and he brought a pink pig back from Whitby for Tiff, (not a real one)!

He's recently asked tiff if she'll sit for him and she said......Yeah. These are the initial sketches. She looks a bit like Margaret Thatcher on one of them.

He's a fantastic painter and we particularly like this self portrait, think it's the pink dress that's the clincher.

Annnnndd, this, is Andy. He doesn't like having his photo taken but I think this is a pretty good one of him. Andy's the quiet one, and you know what they say about the quiet ones. He appears to live off fish and chips and red wine and he's pretty good with a camera and a power tool..

We love his stuff. This is his....

And so are these.

Neighbors, everybody needs good neighbors...And we have. Thanks guys, it's a pleasure living next door to ya.

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