Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Saving Face Favourites

Sometimes we're so busy going forwards we forget to look back. We forget that often the best views are when you turn around and have a quick look at where you've been.

It's always nice to look through the images of some of our previous designs because we love them all. I remember when we got our first big order, we worked so hard to get all the pieces ready for our client, when it was time to deliver them we felt a bit sad to let them go. A bit like saying goodbye to a good friend. It's no different now, almost a year down the line. These are more recent pieces but they've recently been packaged carefully and sent up to Glasgow. We know they'll all go to good homes.

Show Time

Big Time

The Time Has Come

Drama Time

Blooming Good Time

Tiny Time (1)

Spend Some Time (8)
It's kinda like looking through the family album and leaves me smiling...

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